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Condition reports

This is the most basic Survey that we offer.  The format of the Report was designed by the RICS.

Choose this report if you’re buying or selling a conventional house, flat ore buying or selling a conventional house, flat or bungalow built from common building materials and in reasonable condition. It focuses purely on the condition of the property by setting out the following:

of the condition of different parts of the building, services, garage and outbuildings, showing problems that require varying degrees of attention.


  • Clear 'traffic light' ratings 
  • A summary of the risks to the condition of the building;
  • other matters including guarantees, planning and building control issues for your legal advisers.

An RICS Condition Report does not include a valuation, but we can normally provide this as a separate extra service.


Homebuyer reports

Designed by the RICS as a cost effective method of minimising risk, the Homebuyer Report is designed to provide buyers with enough information to make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to proceed with their purchase. We find that this is the most popular type of report.

The report covers the building inside and outside, the services and the site.  It includes specific sections on all the main elements including roofs, walls, floors and joinery. Each element is given a condition rating for easy reference:


• Condition rating

No repair is currently needed. The property must be maintained in the normal way.


• Condition rating 

Defects that need repairing or replacing but are not considered to be either serious or urgent. The property must be maintained in the normal way.


• Condition rating

Defects that are serious and/or need to be repaired, replaced or investigated urgently.


Property related risks including movement, dampness and timber defects are also summarised in their own section.


In addition the report contains both a current Market Value and a Re-building Cost Assessment for insurance purposes.


Building surveys

Formerly called a structural survey, you could choose the Building Survey if you’re dealing with a large, older or run-down property, a building that is unusual or altered, or if you’re planning major works. It costs more than the other RICS reports because it gives detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property. It includes:


• a thorough inspection and detailed report on a wider range of issues;


• a description of visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden flaws;


• an outline of repair options and the likely consequences of inactivity; and


• advice for your legal advisers and details of serious risks and dangerous conditions.


A Building Survey does not always include a valuation, but we can normally provide this as a separate extra service. 

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